Proximity trigger with emitted objects and attached object

I’m not 100% sure I have this down completely but I’ll try to explain as best as I can. In my game I made it so you can attach a magnet object to my player that will attract nearby coins (I call them bits in my game if you look at the code). My enemies will occasionally emit coins that can be picked up and, if they are in proximity to the magnet, point at then move toward the magnet. However, the proximity only fires when I manually add a coin from my library into my game.

If I leave out my starting coin and play my game the proximity trigger never fires, if I add the starting coin, even if it is not picked up by my player, the other emitted proximity triggers will fire.

If someone wouldn’t mind double checking that I’m not going crazy on this, play my game, go to the main level and look at the flavor sprite (the name of my coin object, the green square toward the top). If you play the game with the green square there it runs fine and the other coins will be attracted. However, if you delete that coin then play the game, none of the proximity triggers fire.

While this isn’t a huge do for my actual game because I can simply add my coin object and have the rest work, it might be something that needs to be looked at.