has good game cover and ux start menu art downloads can offer game art for start menu use. Convert and edit in
Completely editable premium game art.

More to come soon.

Who are you? Is this an ad or a person

This feels very scammy…

I made the art myself. I have been making the art for 18 years.

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When searching for art on the search tab I couldn’t find any, could you give us some examples?
Boiz I think we might’ve found our second half to Eric!

Ah, I just was dumb and didn’t use it correctly. That’s some pretty fancy art!
Just so you know most of us are either minors or in college, so we probably won’t buy too much, but still, welcome to the Forums!

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Just so you know, and we had to tell our previous art designer this too, almost all of our objects are in 32-pixel format. So 320 pixels is about the biggest we can use without resizing everything and losing image quality.

Thats just if you import with the game on default window size, Flowlab can take a little bigger.

Also if it’s animation sheets, individual upload for each frame works instead.

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