Publishing games?

I’ll hopefully be getting a premium membership soon, and was wondering what the publishing system is like?
E.G where can i publish?
Can i make ad revenue?
How does it work; do i set up a whole new control system or is it borrowed from the PC with automatically generated onscreen buttons?
Is there an estimate until publishing to android is possible?

P.S…My bad, sorry about all the questions.

you can post on to websites using embedded code

I was wondering that too. do i need all new controls? are there autommaticly generated buttons? someone tell me.

Hehe, figures that three days before i get a membership my laptop stops working

Embed on a website huh?
Well, for the pure amount of creative possibilitys there are on here, i’d get it even if i couldn’t publish.
Also, i’m imagining that you can set up onscreen buttons for mobile, but do they stay on the main game?

So, if i get a one month membership on Wednesday, does it expire one month from then or at the end of the month?
Also do i have to buy the next month before it expires, or can i wait a week to get it renewed?

It renews automatically until you cancel it manually. If you cancel, you can renew again at any time - nothing gets removed or changed about any of your games.

Aah, thank you.
I reckon i’ll get a year membership after all, i’m very excited to be rid of the item/level limit =D