Publishing to .apk file

Is it possible to just save the game as a .apk file, and then just publish it on the android app market or Google play?

(I haven’t upgraded from the free version yet, and I want to know before spending my money)

And if not, how would you publish a game onto the android app store or Google play?

Yes, it’s possible. That feature is completed, but still in testing at the moment.

Ok thanks! But how do you save the game as this file? Is it complicated?

And also, how would you make the game recognize touch?

It is not complicated at all, you just have to click the “Export for Mobile” button, select your screen orientation, and upload an icon image.

Mouse events become Touch events when running on mobile. That means mouse click becomes tap, mouse move becomes finger drag, etc.

Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you so much! Ok that’s awesome I think I am going to upgrade now.

Hey, the feature is still in testing - so it won’t be enabled for you automatically. Let me know once you sign up and I will enable it for your account.

Ok thanks

OK I just signed up @grazer. Could you enable it for my account?

Ok Trey, you should be good to go - let me know if you have any problems.


lol but one more thing… how come you can’t export it for iOS? @grazer

@TreySouder21 He’s working on it!

ok thanks!!

you could try a file converter

Nevermind it is fine thanks!!! @jngthree My game is really fun on my Android!!

@jngthree is there one that can do that?

apple apps are basicly a different type of file, like android beinga a .apk
finding the type of file it is is the hard part

@grazer can you enable my account too?