Publishing to the appstore

Hey everyone i was wondering how to publish my game onto the appstore from flowlab. I have the indie membership which says publishing to appstore included but i couldnt find any way to do so. Let me know if you have the answer thank you!!

the Android app store is easy and free - click “export mobile app” from the my games page, then download the .apk file once it is complete. That file can be uploaded directly to the android app store.

The Apple app store is a bit more involved. You have to have an Apple developer account to publish games there. Apple charges $99 to sign up, and the games have to be approved by Apple. Do you have a developer account already?

Thank you so much for replying, no not yet. The game is almost complete once its complete I will purchase the developer account. Side note the controls for the character movements such as behaviour on my mac are default left arrow key to move left and right arrow key to move right. How will those controls be configured for the iphone?

@grazer my apk is very slow how do I fix this

Hey lwl712,

There is no keyboard available for iOS or Android, so you will have to come up with an alternative control mechanism for mobile devices.

One possible approach is to add on screen buttons, for example:

ztg5, can you post your apk file somewhere for me to check out? Also, lets start a new thread so we can discuss your issues in a single place :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link! yes those controls are perfect. its a 2d game so I just need left, right and jump controls. Anyway to use phone to control the character for example tip the phone to the right for the person to move right or tip the phone to the left for the person to move left.

I can’t find the “export mobile app” button. Where is it placed? Thanks!