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i’m bored, give me some of your games to review

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It’s Gamouggin’ time!

Taile Gammoug 4, By @John_Shrekinson

Ok, first of all things i liked: The story was okay although i didn’t get to see much of it because of a thing i’l tell you about later in the review, i could also see that there was an attempt at making a decent combat system.

Ok, now for the stuff i didn’t like: First of all the title screen was super cluttered with all the bright colors and all over the place placement, i suggest trying to organize it a bit more, 2. I really don’t like text wall tutorials, i suggest doing something like this instead

  1. The control scheme is super unintuitive, i suggest looking at some other platformer games and copying their control scheme

  2. The player sticking to walls feels super unintuitve

  3. On the chicken quest level i fell off the map and didn’t die, and i don’t know how to progress

Final Score 3/10, the game feels incredibly amatuerish and generic, the only somewhat interesting thing is the story.


Only play the arcade mode because the story doesn’t work right


Bruh copy?:skull:

Yeah, some people are visual learners, but my game seems too complex for cool icon tutorials

I don’t remember this in Gamougg 4, only my previous games

You must have survived because you have too much health. I’ll fix the map :slightly_smiling_face:

:angry: ???
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Thank you for the review!

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Color Defense by @DraftyScienceCoat75

Ok, first the things i liked:

  1. The menu felt nice and polished

  2. I liked the effect when enemies died

  3. The art was very good looking despite being simplistic

Now the things i didn’t like:

  1. The game is clearly unfinished with you only being able to select one, pitfully weak tower

  2. The whole gimick of only being allowed to have a certain amount of towers on screen is very dumb

  3. I think dragging the towers from the bottom of the screen would feel much better than the current system of placing the towers down, moogie already did this in his game Flowlab Game Creator - The Plague (TD) so you can just copy the code from that

  4. Reseting doesn’t work

Final Score 5/10, the game has a ton of potential to be great, it’s just incredibly unfinished currently

What do you mean? There are like 7 towers you can chose from. You just have to have enough money to place them down

Edit: I think you must’ve played the story mode; I never finished that so you should play the arcade instead. It’s much better.

i had enough money but i couldn’t purchase any if them other than the first one, and no, i played arcade mode

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welp Ig my old UI is just kinda bad lol

Here’s another game instead

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nice art, it’s multiplayer tho so i can’t play it

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sick game! A full on multiplayer rpg game with quests and everything


sorry for this one being kinda short, i just don’t have a lot of thoughts about it


Ducky by @Pixel_Name1

The things i liked:

  1. The title screen was super polished

  2. Great movement

  3. Amazing use of squash and stretch

  4. Satisfying combat

  5. Great Lighting and atmosphere

  6. The first ability was extremely unique and cool

The things i didn’t like:

  1. The boss’s shockwave looks terrible, i suggest just making it travel across the screen instead of akwardly stretch out

  2. No checkpoints or saves on you abilities makes the game very frustrating

  3. The boss is very glitchy often getting stuck in one spot

  4. I wasn’t able to get very far in the forge because of the lack of checkpoints

  5. There should be more exploration in the first area

  6. The name is not very good, i hope it is a placeholder

Final Score 8/10, this game is shaping up to be one of the best games on flowlab but currently it’s very obviously incomplete


Name idea: Lucky Ducky (maybe make the story about luck, name the duck Luck or Lucky, or add a luck mechanic that changes the random behavior while the game is running in your favor.)

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I have story but it’s not what you would expect for the game…

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Hello, can you review scary Gamougg?

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Hey, Im not done with the game yet but some advice would be nice, I particularly want a nice lighting glow :slightly_smiling_face:

This is going to be a roguelike game where you can choose different penguins that evolve and items that customize them, I don’t really like the style of my map but can’t figure out why :frowning:

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