Punkin, a halloween game

Here is a halloween game that i made because i was bored. its a small platformer, i will update it regularly, tell me what you think!


I like the animation for the pumpkin, very smooth and fluid. The wall jumping mechanics are a bit funky but you can’t really notice them, basically it feels like the walls a magnets. The game needs more props and stuff, but since you just made this I’m assuming you’ll get to that soon. Any way really fun game, I love the idea.


thanks. i copied the movement example from pixelpizza’s wall jump example


Yeah it felt a little familiar

did you die at all?

the animation is so good, nice job
did i beat it?

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Like the game! but i despise the wall jump its nothing against the wall jump its mostly my keyboard XD

They used the wall jump guy’s animation I think


oh dang, the player is just recolored from that one
:frowning_face: make original art


yes kinda. its still being worked on

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i did, however that was because i thought it was very good and this was a game i was planning to only take a short time on, so that was ideal.

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Yeah but you need to credit art even if you edited it and it’s just gonna be a small game

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i forgot to thanks for reminding me XD

just added a speedrun timer, if anyone wants to do that

yes please

400.3 seconds (including the secret)

kinda pathetic ngl

i got 240 secs also I did not know there is a secret

Cool beans

Got a 182.9

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