I am making a new puzzle game that is purple themed! I just like the color purple. I try to add at least 1 new level every day so check back often!


wow, cool game! when you have made some more levels, you should publish it on google play! i got stuck on level 5 tho. :lol:

Well it’s the game “Red” but in purple… anyway it’s nice

Puzzle? It is just clicking purple blocks how is that a puzzle lol.

Level 4 is too boring.

well the new levels are more puzzling
like level 5

Also what do you mean level 4 is boring?
Any suggestions to make it less boring?

Added another level, which makes 7 levels in all

Oops oops I didn’t get how to do level 4 first I didn’t know you had to make a heart. I thought it was like level 3, just filling all boxes.


I got it in 2 secs what was supposed to do xD

Is there a way to save what level you’re on?

Yes save the position (x and y) of the moving thingy

P.S.: I didn’t looked how your game works so this is a bet. But yeah saving the position of it it’s the solution anyway

Once I have at least 10 levels then I am going to add in a select level feature

Never mind I’m going to do it now because I don’t have any other ideas

New stuff added

  • added 2 new levels
  • more sound effects
  • choose a level at the title screen
  • go back to the title screen by clicking on the arrow on the bottom left

added another two levels, which makes 11

Alright… this evolved a lot… It’s so much better now.
The level 5 hahaha really nice… I love puzzle games… Keep up with this.

Bugs I found:

  • I can spam squares in level 9 so it makes they collide with each other and push them to the right spot.

And I can’t get through the level 10… hahaha rip

Change the blue color to white or another color… That Blue and purple totally don’t fit. One of them is kinda neon and the other it’s a pastel/dead color.

This game is really nice, keep it up the good work. I like the puzzles.

The only thing I don’t like about the game is that not everything is purple. Instead of using different colors make arrows, shapes or blocks with a patern (checkered, striped etc.).

I changed all of the blue to white, and I think I have a small plot for the game…
I’m going to think about it and tell about it later when I have a good idea

Added a hint feature in case you get stuck