Pushing down labels

I really need help with labels. In my game Cosmic Stranded I’m adding in events and I’m using labels that will pop up with the name of the event that is happening. The thing is, multiple events are supposed to happen at the same time and since all the labels for those events are in the same place, they will all overlap. I do think this needs the list behavior. Although I have no idea how it works.

Sorry, @CodeAlpaca for pinging you if you don’t like it but I do know you are really good with lists. Do you think you could help?


also I’m pretty sure what you want doesn’t require lists, but I’m not exactly sure what you want so…

It seems like you could just use some filters/switches to see how many are active, and push text down based on that.

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I have read CA’s topic at least 47 times and still don’t understand :frowning: , I might try using what you said

I think I know what you mean.

Something like this?

This was just a testing game I made to practice a sort of computer terminal UI, but it should help with what you need.

I would have just one label for each event, and whenever a second event occurs, just change the first label’s Y value to go up or down the screen to move out of the way for the second event.
The example above, I believe everything is already scripted to run exactly as is everytime so it’s not entirely based on randomized values like the events.

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Yeah just like that!

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You can also type commands into it, but I’m not sure if that would be helpful. If even tells you if your request is known or not, but I forgot the only active commands I put into the game.

It needs updated really badly and the code is probably atrocious. I’ll probably rework the code into organized bundles so it should be easier to just for future projects.

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This is exactly what I needed, thanks @ManiacPumpkin!
Also, just saying but I found some Scepter Foundation stuff lol

I even found a door and wall sprite.

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Yeah, it was used as a testing game for various stuff so I’m not surprised on what’s in it, lol.

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