Puzzlesz: an escape the room game

I made this before, but accidently deleted it :sob:

I think the fewest moves is 4, try as many times as you like! but let me know your best moves and how many times you tried it!


Got it in seven on my second try. This is pretty cool!

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Nice! thanks for playing. I’m hoping to use the feedback to adjust the difficulty


I finally got it after an embarrassing amount of tries :sob: I really like the art in this one, my only recommendation would be to make the tiles spin faster, they feel really lethargic and slow right now.


I like this, it was fun trying to figure it out
Just my personal preference, but I think it would be better if it didn’t reset after a certain number of tries

first try, I lowkey pressed things randomly, I did not expect this happen, pure luck


I got it in 7 too


When I got it in 4 it was completely random the first time haha.

Not sure why I made it reset actually. I really want a time limit on it for the theme. Maybe I’ll remove it

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I could speed that up pretty easy. What do you think a little bit or a lot faster?

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A medium amount faster. It shouldn’t be instantaneous or super quick, but right now it is quite slow.

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