Question about saves

Can the save behaviour save a player’s edits to a level or game? I have a feature in most of my games called “Forge”. This is a level or set of levels designed specifically to be modified and customized so the player can create their own level. If so, how would I go about doing this?


Time to get a little complicated. In your level, you could have a block called “reader”. This reader moves 1 right on the block position, then raycasts to see what block it’s touching. It then adds this to a list called “blocks”. It continues going until it reaches the end. When the player comes back, it looks at the list, moves left 1, and looks at what block it needs to spawn in. I can’t give you super accurate code right now, since trying to do this would literally fry my brain, but yes. It is possible.


In my game I mostly just used the saves to save important numbers like cash and stuff, and I even used numbers to determine if the player has reset the game or continued from their last time they played.
Which is usually just using filters to determine the number.

If you want to save the entire level, you might need a lot of saves to determine the location X and Y of each new block that was added or moved around. Which Idk how to save an entire level state, but you might have to make each edit save separately.


hihilogic and maniacpumpkin both have different approaches here that theoretically could work. You could try out either one or a combination of them. I know grazer has also mentioned adding save states in a future update, but I don’t know when or if that will be