Question RE: epilepsy warnings

I’ve noticed a few of the newer games on here (especially those that incorporate the new graphics effects) have included epilepsy warnings in their intro / title screens, something I had forgotten / overlooked in probably most if not all of my games.

Most professionally created games include this warning by default. Should I add them to my own games as well?

  • Yes, every video game should have epilepsy / seizure warnings
  • It’s only necessary if your game has lots of flashing lights and colors
  • Not necessary, it’s already common knowledge that video games can trigger epileptic seizures

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And for the record, yes, this is a serious question. I take health issues seriously, and I’ll add a warning to all of my games if it’s deemed necessary. I don’t usually have a whole lot of flashing lights in my games, but there might still be enough to bother someone. I know my girlfriend can’t play certain games without getting vertigo.

If the game has flashing lights, add the warning. The reason that most modern games have that warning is because most modern games are very heavy on special FX and can be very intense


These warnings started showing up in the 90’s(?) after Nintendo got sued a few times. Nintendo won all the cases, but started adding the warnings to preemptively stave off additional lawyering.

I think at this point it’s pretty common knowledge that flashing lights can trigger seizures for Epileptics, and that games have flashing and moving lights.

All that being said - adding a warning doesn’t hurt anything, and also kind of makes the game feel a little bit dangerous or ominous as it’s starting up :slight_smile:

TLDR; add one if you want, but don’t worry about it if you don’t


Starblast is something I probably should put it in… where should that go?

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Ohhh you’re the one who made the Focus games too (awesome game portfolio, btw). FIII I thought was super fun, but it nearly made my girlfriend lose her lunch just watching me play. That one might need a warning label. :grin:

To me it feels like staring into a washing machine

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Yeah, it was okay for me, but some people start to go cross eyed when watching stuff like that.

I’ll admit, after replaying it a dozen or so times trying to get the top score (came close, but not close enough), it took about a minute for my eyes to readjust back to normal.

I find it only necessary if the game is one hell of a short game, and users will play it for only a day or two. If it’s more than that, I find it useless because at that point the user should be committed enough to buy a triple A $60 game and know it might have some subjective themes and flashing lights. Obviously this is just my opinion, so on and so forth.

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I have the game on my iPad, definitely something I play every time I have no service or internet!

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