Quick question on timers

Would an always block or a quick timer be more lsg efficient? No reason why I’m asking :sweat_smile:


What does this mean

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I think he meant lag.
A timer (greater than zero) is more efficient, but there is a trade off. If you set a timer to zero you have an always because there are zero frames between one activation and the next.
But, if you set it to anything greater than zero, the action you want to carry out will happen every-other frame, and this could look/feel junky to the player, depending on what the action is.


Thanks, that helps. I’ll use timers


So I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re asking, but it you want something to happen every single frame then an Always is more efficient than a Timer. This is because an Always block has literally no logic inside of it - it’s just a trigger that is always on.

If you don’t really need the logic to run every single frame, then a Timer will be more efficient, since you can adjust the delay so that the logic runs less often. Running your logic less often will be more efficient than running it every frame.