Qwen Game Jam: A Big Price!

Hi Everyone It’s been long and I just want to do another game jam, since the summer game jam ended. I have been gone again for a long time…So if you want to volunteer Just click Yes I will participate Down below.

  • Yes I will participate
  • No I will not participate

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The Deadline will be 2 weeks from now.

The Theme
The Theme of this Jam will be:


The price is, if you win a mega drawing of you!


Only 3
But lets see
Who wins this award

if there is enough people there will be 2nd and 3rd place
2nd place wll get a pixel drawing and 3rd place will also get pixel drawing

HAHAHAHAHA :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Only one joined…he…uhh…

Hey everyone! How is everyones game making. 7 people wow nice just what i am looking fo-
Screenshot 2022-08-19 7.41.38 PM
hm…well people seem to be busy… Well I guess one still participate… :thinking: :smile:

its been thirteen days so should i abandon this jam since everyone is busy or keep it going for one more day