how to i make a radomizing world

Really hard. I don’t even think I can do it

Just add a random number logic to any item that would be placed in your world and tie it to the position property. Be sure to set the position property to use the grid. Here’s an example,


@leonknite, that wouldn’t work, there is so much more than just that. First of all the character could spawn inside a block, the game would lag like crazy because it all happens at once, and it would look like a tornado hit it because there may be no naturalish structure.

And blocks may spawn in the same spot… This could all be fixed though if there was some soart of “generate” node, then this would be easier

@jngthree Your right, and good idea. It might take a little work to set specifications, or layers of importance, to create a “generator” system for each object. Like if a rock spawned where a tree is, the rock would be deleted so it’s just a tree. Same thing for each object so there’s no overlap. I’m going to keep looking into this, it sounds like a pretty cool idea!

I think I have something closer to what you may want, if you have the time, please check it out. Just keep restarting the level and a different number of trees, rocks, and bushes will spawn, or none of one or the others. Also there is no overlapping, the trees trump all, then rocks, then bushes.