Raise a Noob 2 Devlog (the second)

The sequel for the game nobody thought they needed but now do, i now present… Raise a Noob 2! The sequel to a very “Innocent” game that may or may not have a omniscient being in the form as a roblox noob. For everybody who reads this first before anyone, welcome to the og club! feel free to post opinions, memes, bugs, or just talk about the game in general.

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And heres the fabled Raise a Noob 2!

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it is still very early, so i will make a store, food, and money system TOMMOROW. So dont worry


Dab Noob - Roblox


Livin Live Update

Added munz
Added Vood
Added DEATH (which is near impossible so if he dies your a monster)
added “advanced” ai (just jumping and randomly turning)

More will be added soon!
Stay noobin’!

Fun Fact!

N.O.O.B stands for: Not a Omniscient Overlord Boss