Ran into some really weird problems

In the game I’m making, there is a mob that moves side to side (I pretty much just followed the basic mob movement example). However, in the game, it gets stuck against one side of the wall and doesn’t flip back until the Player shoots at it. I have no idea why that’s happening.
Link to game: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1511510
To see the problem, you’ll have to go to the third game level (called Level 2) and wait for the monster (called Medium Monster, giant purple slug thing) to hit the left wall. It always gets stuck there for some reason and does not flip back.

Its working fine for me, I dont see the problem ._. also, I love how you phrased this " third game level (called Level 2)" that cracked me up XD

It seems to be working fine for me, but from your description it sounds like the following pretty common issue:

  1. Slug hits the left wall and flips
  2. In the next frame, slug is flipped but is still touching the wall so it flips back
  3. Slug is now moving left again but is still touching the left wall, so it flips (back to step one)

When this happens, it can be occurring so quickly that you do not see the Flip happening, and the enemy is just stuck in a loop against the wall. There are a few ways to avoid this issue, but the simplest is probably just to bump up the Collision block’s Repeat Delay to prevent the loop.

If this is what’s happening, you should be able to tell by watching the behaviors run in the behavior window while you play.

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I see, okay. Thank you so much!

for me i tried to copy the exact same enemy movement but it still doesnt work

oop now it works. srry for the reply