Random Behavior - Seed option

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I really, really, really try not to post all the ideas I have at once :slight_smile:

What I would like to request is to add another input to the Random Behavior block that would allow us to use it as a pseudo random number generator (PRNG).

The way I imagine it is, if nothing is connected to the ‘seed’ input it works as usual, so that it hopeful won’t affect existing projects.
But if a number is fed into the seed input it would work as a PRNG.

I think more and more users are getting what the idea behind this is and I would see it as a very useful enhancement.

For the ones not familiar with what a pseudo random number generator is:
Simplified, it still generates a range of random number, but if you use the same seed number (see it as a start value?) it will create the same number series each and every time.
That allows to recreate maps, levels, dungeons, other objects without the need of having to somehow save the whole level. All you need to save to recreate it is the seed number. You will find a few discussions related to that if you search the forum for PRNG.

Greetings from the TInkerShed :slight_smile:

P.S. for sure you have to increment the seed for each new number you need

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