Random Position Help (Catchy title, right?)

How do you make it so that when you touch something it destroys itself, then appears at another spot like in the game ‘Snake’?

You could have it message another block before it is destroyed and that block could spawn the object in a random place

You could just change the position after a collision instead of destroying it.

Yeah either way

What game are you making?

Thank you @Trigger2004 and @“JR 01”

Also, I’m making a game where you have to save astronauts lost in space. It’s got a feel almost like Galaga, or Asteroids. Don’t wanna say too much else for now…

Nice, I tried to make an asteriods game on an old account a while back. I nailed the feel of the controls of the ship and got it to warp when leaving/entering a side of the screen.
That’s as far as I got though before deleting it and starting on my first version of drive.

Sounds nice! Can’t wait to play!

Interesting…I’m curious as to how you made the ship warp @“JR 01”

@Greggo, I made an object along the outside of the screen that would change the position of the player to the other side of the screen when collision with an object or player.

Now that I’ve been using Flowlab allot more, an easier and better way were to extract the x and y of the player and change the position for when a number goes over/under a specific number.

@“JR 01” Hmm… interesting…

I think I’ll try that, idk…that could be really cool…

Just go to games list, search EVIL GAMEBOY, and play it. THEN click edit.