Randomly Generated World


I am currently making a simple topdown shooter with a randomly generated world that creates/destroys itself as you move around. To be honest I am mostly making this as a test to see how well the engine can handle a lot of random generation because there is a different game I plan to make later on so my sprites are very lazily made for this one. I want to know what people think of it so far, currently the bush spawning is a little buggy because if you are near the edge of the grass sprite it can cause the bushes to appear on screen instead of off screen (this bug should be fixed soon) and also if you move at an angle it gets a little buggy. If anyone has any suggestions or any comments/questions please speak your mind!

WARNING: The game is in VERY early development right now so if the game suddenly slows down a lot close the tab asap because that means I am probably in the process of editing the game and sometimes it causes many sprites to spawn fast and it can freeze your browser if you close the tab too slow, at the moment this is not an issue since I managed to make fix it but if I am editing the game while you test it then it might have a new, similar bug.

Just a suggestion but I were you, I would spawn everything from a block instead from the player.
And also to use Bundles to stay organize.

Placing an object out of view in the UI layer will keep it out of the way.

Thank you for the suggestion! You are right, with the way I set it up I can use a generator block to do it instead of the player now. Originally I was spawning new grass based on player position instead of having the existing grass move based on its own position which made it easier to debug while it was in the player’s behaviors but now it would definitely be easier to debug if it wasn’t with all the player stuff.

As for bundles, I plan on breaking it down into bundles later on but for now keeping it like it is makes it easier for my mind to find bugs, I do appreciate the suggestion though.

EDIT: I added a Generator block to the UI layer.