Ranger Origins -rpg game

Game link: Flowlab Game Creator - Ranger Origins

Sup! My friend @Henry (hope it’s the right @) and I decided to work together and build a little RPG game. Your hometown, Stardem Village, is being overrun by foreign monsters. Take on missions, hunt monsters in three different biomes, and climb up the Ranger Ranks to reach Star Ace!

All graphics and art illustrated and animated by Henry and I.

Misc. notes

  • Dual-slot inventory system works for the most part, but you might need to switch weapons [R] to display the current weapon you are holding when the level first loads
  • You need to destroy all 6 training dummies in the tutorial to advance
  • Level: Desert [hard] is a personal favorite of ours

Let us know you guys think :slight_smile:


God dammmn. This is incred!!! So goood! Great music, great art, great code, great gameplay!


Katana time :wink:


Okay, one prob @kevinyang
The golem level isn’t working :frowning:
It’s saying that there are 7/8 golems, and there isn’t another one…


Awesome game! :+1: :+1: :+1:




Thank you so much! We appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

The combat music and sword/bow sound effects were made by two really talented sound designers! The background village music is from Genshin and the rest were from Flowlab

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Added one more now lol I can’t believe we missed that! Thanks for pointing that out

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You’re welcome! Dude, your games are great! I’m surprised you aren’t on the forums more often.


Oh yikes… that looks like a very problematic bug haha

Nah, it’s something that happens in flowlab a ton. If you leave the game to do something else, but don’t close the tab, all the timers continue triggering, but don’t activate the action until you return to the screen. Then… chaos.
@grazer this probably needs to be fixed.

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can I make a suggestion to change how the bow works, at the moment if you hold it, it will keep rapidly charging without shooting. and I have a few things to help fix that. First make it shoot when held down instead of when lifted. second make it where when the arrow shoots that turns on the first switch and get rid of the timer then make it where when you lift the space bar it turns on the first switch. and a small change I made was add a few more frames to the animation to make to bow release the arrow if you do all of this your result should look something like this (I’m holding down the space bar)Screen recording 2021-05-20 13.45.42


Hey @WillBillMG1, thanks for the feedback! I did feel the bow mechanics were kinda off with the charging. I’ll implement your suggestions. Thank you again, we really appreciate your help! :innocent: