Rank list


1. Mhx ar (game play and graphics)
You make great games. The graphics are always amazing and the game play is fun. You know a lot about game logic, and you can make everything you want with flowlab.

2. Latif
I won’t talk about myself lol. Only thing to say is the graveyard is better than SB3 lmao.

3. CrimsonBlackGames (graphics)
You make nice games. Your graphic skills keep improving, but your game play always keeps the same. I like the game play in SB2 more than SB3. Remember that increasing the difficulty is always a bad thing for beginners. People don’t really like confusing games. Also, you know a lot about game logic. You can make everything you want with flowlab like Mhx and me. Lastly, you’re doing to much with Starblast games (not something bad), but I would really like to see some other new games from you.

4. Pixelpizza (story and graphics)
Your graphics and animations are awesome. It’s the best thing you advance. In awakening I can also see your story isn’t bad. The game play isn’t complete but until now it’s just shooting at bosses and avoiding their attacks.

5. MuddyApples (graphics)
Always makes noob games, but good enough to achieve this spot in the list lol.

6. Luminous (story)
Probably the newest here in flowlab. You don’t advance a lot, but I’m happy you stay here in flowlab instead of leaving after a few months (like all other people). I won’t tell a lot because I want to wait for your FB.io 2 game :stuck_out_tongue:

Why isn’t Grazer on this list? Because he never makes games. And his old games are just demos. Only that space game is a bit interesting.

I think some tips for making games:
Maybe you can’t notice it in the list, but game play is a very important thing with games. This is also the reason why PixelPizza isn’t at the top with his awesome graphics (I didn’t say anything bad here lol). The use of sound effects also counts with the game play (music is just an extra, but it should fit with the game). In my graveyard game I mostly focused on the game play (and making many characters lol), which makes people enjoying my game. If a game is good it means it mostly has good game play (it’s fun to play), the graphics are good enough and the game isn’t too messy (story is an extra). What about difficulty? The difficulty also belongs to the game play. Does your game start very hard? Then I can say the game is bad without thinking. If you make a platformer game, remember to make it not too long, so when you die you have to do the whole level again. I often see this with beginners. A simple solution is just adding checkpoints or making shorter levels. When you make a story game, remember to focus enough on the game play. The story doesn’t affect the game play, it only makes the game better because it has more creativity. Lastly, the game should be easy to understand without even reading a wall of text how to play it (controls are always useful to read so that doesn’t count). If the player encounters something in the game but he/she doesn’t know what it is. It doesn’t really improve your game. Traps or fake things you can’t expect from the first time also doesn’t really improve your game, why should the player expect the unexpected? This all belongs to game play.

Yeah, it’s true I don’t really advance a lot in logic and behaviors. And I’m probably the newest “elder” here, too. The only thing I’m becoming better at is using Inkscape :slight_smile:

I’d say your rank list is pretty accurate. You and CB are basically the only guys I can remember that has almost a fully extended knowledge of the behaviors behind Mhx Air and Grazer, so while you get along pretty well in general (I think), you guys are sort of like… rivals?

Rivals? :open_mouth:
But that means we want to achieve the same thing, but what is it.

Based off that word- we want to achieve surpiriority over the other person.

Anyway- I was thinking of making a game unrelated to Starblast, not sure, but its going to remain a side project, or atleast until I finish up SB3 (most likely Crimson Hunters)

Also, muddy had been here longer than I have, and lets not forget hes an IOS developer

(Narcissist Mode activated)
Anyway, I may also focus on easy-to-use examples for games, after all- I invented the traditional wall jump rig, a rig that rotates the world (I think), and the high score rig, which almost everyone uses, and finally, the one-way gate.

I have created a few other rigs that are unheard of, but they arent that practical, such as the Teleporter Gun, although Mhx did recycle a little bit of that.

Also, about the remark about the gameplay-

Difficulty: the reason the difficulty increases like it does is, well… I got complaints about it being monotonous, because in SB1/2, the game relies on the players skill, and the players skill can only get them so far, so they have to get better at the game in order to reach a higher score. I had to implement it to SB3.

No innovation in gameplay- has anyone… ANYONE played Evolved yet?!

Finnally! A criticism. At least you are being Honest! ahah!

It’s true my gameplay is too lame… Jump and attack… There are new abilities (that make the gameplay better)and etc. but I was going to add them very late in the game.
I think I will add them sooner so it’s more enjoyable.