Rating Flowlab Games

Which next level? The work in progress level 2? The village in between each level? The boss chase?

level 2

The cave?

kind of it just didnt load anything and i was stuck

Can you try envoy? Interested to hear your opinion :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah,
My honest opinion is… pretty good
I like the idea its just very hard and i find when the last force of police come they get in your face and you can barely move. but the art and spritestacking is executed incredibly well
for that i gave you a 7.5/10


It’s definitely difficult. It’s a short game but the value is in replaying it and getting better at the space physics. Also you can always turn down the difficulty if you’re dying too quickly :slight_smile:

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i died in the first level on chill :skull: im big skill issue

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Would you mind reviewing Daniel’s Body?

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I think this game is pretty well-made its fun playing all the levels that are different and collecting his body i dont think theres much else to say. 8/10


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Is there anything broken or that you don’t like about it?

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a few small things:

-in the dialouge at the start it says “bod” instead of "body

-Menu/start screen is bland/boring (maybe a better background?)

those are the ones i remember but if i remember any others i will @ you in your devlog thing

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Cool. Thanks for the review!

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