Rating Flowlab Games

read the title ^

0 = BAD
1-2 = F
3-4 = D
5-6 = C
7-8 = B
9 = A
10 = S

Do Gods of Five

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Element Alcazar:
This game is ok.
This game is decently fun but repetetive and can get boring, after a bit of playing it is very boring and slow. But the new elements make it funner. Also a little laggy.

Do I have to say anything?

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I feel like you’re the one that likes our game the most, everyone else either is meh about it or is complaining about bugs.



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This isn’t a flowjam game?

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Oh whoops XD, I thought this was a normal rating games topic.

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My bad.

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I’ll just make this a game rating thing so ill rate it

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I’ve played this before its a pretty good game yet i would maybe change somthing to make each sample different to collect for example: one is obtained in a dungeon

6.5/10 good so far


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I don’t think 6.5 is a C, it’s more of a B but okay.

i give you C+

You collect all the samples in the level you’re currently in to move to the next level

Please elaborate.

Well, what im saying is it feels the same to get each sample so you should make some of the samples different to get right now all you do is:

  1. find enemy
  2. kill enemy
  3. get sample
  4. repeat

You only played the first level, It was supposed to be easy because you know… When the player is new they have a easier time understanding the basics of the game :neutral_face:.

oops :skull:
it didnt load the next level for me