Raycast Broken?

Im making it so if the raycast from the enemy hits the player it would follow the player, but its not

EDIT: I checked the behaviours to when I was in front of the enemy it still wouldn’t move and the raycast didn’t have the yellow outline indicating its working

Hey @Deadly_Smile - I don’t think Raycast is broken, maybe something else is going wrong? Maybe post a link to the game with some more details about where the logic is - that will make it easier to help :+1:


Check if the ray cast is targeting the player. By clicking on the ray cast block it will come up with when it will activate (meaning what it needs to hit), see if it’s selected to go off when it hits the player. It could have just been left blank. Also, a game link/screenshot would be very helpful.

I figured it out already so yeah thx for helping anyway