Re-ruling bad rules

instead of level of memberships i would rather one time buy a premium also,we should have to pay to export games if we do theirs no point in me using this website

you could use the website to improve your logic skills and share with a community? There are a lot of things to do with a free account, exporting is a very small feature compared to what most people do


I would like to explain why grazer does some of these things so he doesn’t have to:
Monthly memberships exist for a good reason. Many people give up on coding or begin to move on to more advanced platforms. Even massive engines such as Unity do memberships.

Paying to export games may seem dumb, but tbh I have never exported a game before. Exporting will only be needed for professionals and people wanting to make money. Plus you don’t need to export your game for other’s to play it, you just need the link.


Does he mean shouldn’t? Idk I got confused


One time purchase would be nice in this day in age, but it’s a service and not an app.
Anything that’s a service with a lifetime of updates and changes will have memberships.

aka Hulu, Netflix, GamerMaker, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc…

Unity is free but it gets royalty from games sold with it. Something like Flowlab has to be affordable and available to more users. As well, Flowlab does have a Free membership, something you won’t see in many other membership software.


Shoot, I, personally consider the monthly indie membership very affordable. I’m not teaching classes to students so I really don’t need the next tier up. The ability to download & use offline is enough for me to continue paying & to continue to do that with future games makes it worth the price.