"READ_PHONE_STATE" permission (exporting to Android)

Hey @grazer, I’m currently trying to publish my game on Google Play, but it says I need to make a privacy policy because it requires the “Read Phone State” permission(among others which I don’t remember). Can you look into this when you have time?

Reading a previous post says it’s related to Admob somehow?

Hey @luminous - which game is it? I’ll check out the APK as well.

im pretty sure you might need a liscenes

I forgot what website I used, but you can look up a “privacy policy generator”. Go through a series of questions that the games does, and it’ll make a privacy policy that suites your game.

Then you just link the policy to the play console for the game page. I was able to find and make a policy for free. You need to have a policy to release your game.

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I think this permission is the only thing that made me need a privacy policy, and the game doesn’t need to read phone state at all. I think CrimsonBlackGames had a similar problem earlier, which grazer was able to fix. But thanks for the site, I will use it if the problem still occurs :slight_smile:

By default, all Flowlab games should have these permissions:

The policy is different from the problem Crimson was having.
His problem was the admod was crashing the exported game which should be fixed by now.

You have to have a Privacy Policy in order to release your game in the Google Play store.

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Actually, I just found the Privacy Policy that I used for my app, but I dont remember where I created it.
(This is just where the page for the policy is stored, not where the policy was created)


I created my privacy policy, and it looks like I used the same creator as you did (since it’s also on Flycricket). But it still says it needs to read phone state, when it shouldn’t.

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The phone state is keeping the phone from falling asleep.

Have you linked the policy to the game page in the play console?

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