So I have been thinking on a new behaviours as a side project for @grazer on Flowlab. I was think this could work, but obviously I would probably need to be more specific on things I might miss out so do post bellow. I have no visual concept for this but I think it could work as a description. Here goes nothing.

New Behaviour:

NAME: Teleport

REQUIREMENTS: Object and Type name (Like extractors) of what you want to Teleport to, Object must have collisions

ELSE: This can also be a trigger, like when teleported, out

This should be simple enough @grazer and it would also be very helpful, I hope you take this in for consideration.

Isn’t this the same thing as the Position behavior?

Yeah, you can already do that using extractors and position behaviors. It’s quite simple, actually.

Oh yeah I guess that would work thabks. Sorry for wasting your time. Probably won’t tag you because this is not that important.