Really interesting bug, I don't understand what is going on

On “mushroom inventory” object, there is a bug. That number behavior that showing -1 is (I guess) always triggering. There is nothing that triggers him to “emit signal” but it doesn’t stop and crash my game.
@grazer can you fix it?
Also I have a question: can you use mouse click behaviors on “debug mode”? I tried but it doesn’t seems like, you can see the timer that I set for see what is happening, do I really need it?

I can’t seem to trigger this issue - did you figure it out?

Yeah. That happens. Filters with certain settings can’t pick up numbers

@olcayolcayolcay2 - just looking at the logic in that picture it looks like you have a loop that would go forever once it started:

[Number] -> [Expression] -> [Filter] -> [Number] -> ( back to first number, starting all over again )

@grazer I’ll fix that loop but even with a loop [-1 number] triggers more than -1 it triggers like -500

@grazer and when [-1 number] starts all other behaviors in the system stops and just [-1 number] works, and like I said, more than -1, it triggers like -500

Hey @olcayolcayolcay2 - I took a look but I don;t see an object named “mushroom inventory”. Did you change the name, or am I just overlooking it?

From your description it sounds like you still have a loop, but I’ll have to look at it to really know what’s going on.

OK, I found the object, it was in the UI Layer. It looks to me like you still have an infinite loop:


Do you see the issue?

Yeah I get it now thanks