Really Obvious Bug

So basically in my game the player attacks in the direction they’re facing and how this works is by extracting the players rotation. Anyway the bug is that to attack right you have to click and your rotation has to be zero, but the filter function when it’s set to = it sends the value but with 0 it sends 0 but the and function requires a number higher than 1, see the problem, the solution i used is instead of sending a 0 i made it send a 1 to the and function.

Send a screenshot of the code, not sure if this is a bug or wrong coding

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It’s less of a bug and more of an oversight on flowlab’s part. I fixed it, so that anyone with the same problem can look to this post

I’m pretty sure Logic Gates activate with any input value. I think why it wasn’t outputting was just because Logic Gates require specific timing of inputs that only last for around a frame. Idk how the Number behavior fixed that but it did (Behaviors activate like reading a book so the order they are placed can matter for things that activate on the same frame). If you set the number to 0 it would probably still work. I would test it myself but I’m on a phone rn

nope people have been having problems with this for a while, logic gates for some reason don’t activate with a 0, a negative value does work