Really weird game freezing bug

No idea how this happened. I was just playing my game and it froze. When I pressed Esc it went fullscreen for some reason???


it happened again… school is having really bad internet today so that might be an issue

Wow that’s a weird one!

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That happens on game crashes, there may be a loop somewhere. I’ll take a look at it later.
Edit: just looked at the video and the crash is different from normal crashes, but the game is frozen.


Is there a specific way that this happens or when it happens?
I don’t see any issues with the code.


that’s the problem, I’ve looked through and I don’t see any bugs. It hasn’t happened any more since the last two times

The first time it happened, the “upgrade to teacher account” pop up came up, then the game froze. the second time just happened randomly when I was playing the game.