ReBalance. The re-creation of a long lost game

Hey! uhh… yeah remember that one platformer I made once… yeah, yeah, balance i think it was called? Yeah, it was great! Uh, sadly it got deleted with my account, so uh… Man, that’s tragic, oh well, what can ya do about it, right? Not like I’m gonna go out of my way with a free account, drop my current dungeon project, and completely remake the game from scratch, create major improvements, and then call it, I don’t know, ReBalance? Like, cmon, most of you reading this don’t even know what it was! I’d neve-


I mean, it had to happen eventually. Time to go work on it!


Looks cool. I’ll try it.


Ok, while I’m working on the game, I should probably tell you what “ReBalance” Is gonna be about. The game’s gonna be made up of 3 “floors”, each one different from another in one way shape of form. The first floor is gonna act as a re-introduction to the core mechanics of the original game. In case you didn’t know, balance was an interesting platformer I created a while back, where you would need to go through rooms by using things such as a double jump or a dash. The twist was, that in order to use something like a double jump, you’d first have to pick up a power-up (in the form of a floating icon), in order to use it, creating a sort of puzzle platformer game. ReBalance is going to re-introduce the 3 abilities and all the mechanics that balance originally had, but add more mechanics in the upcoming floors. Although you won’t be seeing anything new until the first floor is complete, other than maybe a few design reworks and general improvement to the flow of the game.

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