Red Flop, Red Fish Predator Game I hope yo enjoy it, it took a long time to make. If their are any suggestions let me know.

I really like this game, it’s an interesting spin on the one button game mechanic.

The only suggestions I have are maybe make the dangerous fish eat you no matter where you touch them? They are pretty easy to avoid since it is safe to bump them from the top or bottom. It would also be nice to have some more variety of different fish to eat or avoid as the game progresses.

Anyway, really nice work so far - the game feels really polished :slight_smile:

this is amazing can i put it on my gaming website?

you should do this for mobile, I’d play the heck out of it

Yes you can put this on your website.
and i’m exporting the app right now. It’ll be Android, though.

ok thx

here check out my game

It seems pretty good
I can’t get past the first level though, I can’t hit the enemies.


oh you have to jump upon the barrier