Red Panda Rocket is now on Google Play!!

Please go and download my game Red Panda Rocket on the Google Play store, it would mean a lot. Here’s a little bit about the game,

An endless runner with a fun twist. Instead of earning points by distance, in Red Panda Rocket you earn points by collecting coins. The coins also double as currency that can be used to purchase awesome hats for the main character. Also, the character is equipped with a jet pack that runs on fuel, and once the fuel is used up you will have to return to the ground before using it again. Also featuring a first person game mode where you see the game through the eyes of the panda while going though the course.

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Hello, this game looks amazing. If I am correct is it by Znation Gaming. Also did you use flowlab to make it since the game evolves around 3D, or you are just an excellent artist, either way. Keep up the great work :wink:

Hey man thanks so much, I used unity which is kinda easier to make and have fair graffics, i just couldn’t forget where it all started so I came back here and told you guys. And yea it is by me! Thanks so much for downloading

RIP @ztg5
a moment of scilene for ztg5

@GGSTUDIOS, this is from 2017