Red vs. Blue ( can someone play this?)

Here is my newest game Red vs. Blue! Red vs. Blue

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bro you need to have a limit on the spawners your game is literally a fork bomb


I had HP in the minus 800s

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can you help me with that?

what should the cap be on people?

bruuuuuuhhhh I literally just started making a red vs blue game and then I scroll through topics and see this, lmao

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have a timer that only spawns one every 10 seconds and have it last for a specific amount of time or something. there’s many ways to do it.

Maybe just have it so there’s only like 5 people on each team, make sure to only have 4 bots on whichever the player is sided on so there’s an equal total of 5 per team.

I would definitely recommend making it so you can aim and shoot instead of only shooting infront of you. In a platformer style game like this, it’s very difficult trying to shoot the enemy when they’re bouncing around.

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I started a team for this game so if you want to help tell me

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