Regarding loading times. Is it flowlab, or really just the level?

When one loads a level, there’s a little loading period until everything has rendered completely, correct? Now, is this flowlab trying load the level, or is the loading period just occuring by default because of the amount of objects/behaviors on the level? That probably made no sense, so I’ll be more specific.

Let’s say I want to finally export my game to an iOS. Would I get the SAME loading time period if I were to export my game to an iOS? Or would everything just load instantly? (My knowledge pertaining to this isn’t very high, so my idea of this whole loading concept is probably completely inaccurate)

If there are loading times, will the flowlab loading screen appear? If loading times somehow affect my export, I’ll plan ahead and adjust accordingly if I have to.


Hm… well when I was working on Diamondsion Assault Alpha, before grazer added more memory to the site, the loading per level would take up to a minute or 2 since I have so many objects off screen. I would say that it’s the amount of objects in your level. As for on iOS, the game loads from your device, not the flowlab servers, so it shouldn’t take as long, but of course, I’ve never tested it myself. If you have a lot of ground sprites, it may be easier to make long ground blocks to save time and objects.