regulating ball bouncing

how to regulate the ball bouncing in my game, sometimes the ball with randomly bounce super high into the air.

I can’t see the game now because I’m on mobile. But I think you have used the ‘impulse’ behavior…

Keep inpulse, and move the “bounce” property to 0


Thank you so much!!! @jngthree

that fixed one problem but in my game I have an impulse for the ball hitting the ground and the ball hitting a character, if the ball hits the character and the ground at the same time the ball bounces super high, how would I fix this

update: I tried having the ball bounce only when it hits the top of the character but then then its hard to get the ball back in the air

Change the shape of the characters to rectangle

yeah they were already rectangles @jngthree

I kinda fixed the bouncing problem but then the ball will sometimes get stuck between the hoop and the AI