releasing the new game ... SHELTER OUTBREAK

ive worked some time on this one and
moving player is the up , down , left , right
moving pointer is W,A,S,D pointer always places to the left
Use F to place a normal block
Use R to place a door
shoot with the space bar
collect rabbit meat to keep your health bar up
shoot the zombies they KILL YOU

please rate and tell me any improvements I can make @jngthree @grazer @TheGamerIsHere @BronzeSun @EnderBronze54 @Remington @leonknighte @bring @WarkillerEntertainment

Well. Its okay…


how can I fix it if is sucks:(

Well, it does need some improvements, but I see the idea you had.
With some adjustments (zombies following the player, faster spawn rate, etc.) I think you’d have a pretty solid game.

There are improvements that could be made to be honest. @EnderBronze54 has some solid necessities that would really improve the game. However it’s yours, so just be creative with your ideas. Think of really cool unique things and a story that makes your game special. If you can’t figure out how to put those ideas into your game, message me and I’ll help you out.

The game can’t start

it can start