Reload after shooting 12 Bullets? and when all coins destroyed, move onto next level? HELP

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 1.50.49 AM

ok, so here is the player properties for shooting and reloading. I wanted to make it so once you shoot 12 bullets, you can’t shoot anymore until you reload. can anyone help me with this please?

Link to game:

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 1.54.58 AM

i also wanted help with the coins. This is on the coin properties. does anyone know how to make it so once they’re all destroyed, you move onto the next level? There’s 3 levels with different amounts of coins. here’s how many each level.

Level 1: 8 Coins
Level 2: 7 Coins
Level 3: 11 Coins

Pictures to show would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Have a Wonderful Day/ Night! :slight_smile: