How do I make it so I can only shoot after I reload

Similar to how the jumping works from the behavior bundle @grazer has provided us with, the shoot (try F because the left hand is usually on the asdw keys, and is easily accessible plus the fact F could stand for “Fire”) button’s up goes into a switch and turns it off after the DOWN output is sent through the switch. Assuming there is a key for reloading (lets assign that to the R key)- the reload key starts a timer (for both authentic and gameplay purposes) and turns the switch back on. And if the player wants to cancel the reload, the UP output goes to the RESET imput, thus turning off the switch until another imput starts the timer (however, if you choose to do this, this will make the player have to hold down the R key until the reloading is complete, why not make the timer play a sound so he knows the gun is reloaded?)