Remember Me? *finally* a new update: HTML5

I’ve finally deployed an update to the HTML5 version that has been in progress for a long time. I’m sure that it still needs some additional testing and fixing, but it is feature complete. Any game can be tested in the HTML5 version by either clicking the “html5” button on your My Games page, or adding “?v=html” to the end of the URL.

The HTML5 engine itself has a lot of fixes since the last update, but the biggest change is that the editor now works in HTML5 as well. Now that the new version is deployed, I expect to be deploying updates much more regularly again.

I’m sure there are things that I’ve missed, and that the new version will have some issues to iron out, so please post any problems you encounter in this thread and I’ll try to sort them out ASAP.


@rcreger I saw that to and they are bigger. At least in my game.

Yes finally, after 5 months a new update.

Yay its finally done!

Yes, Flowlab won’t die from flash.
Congrats @grazer!

The almighty god @grazer has returned from . . . somewhere

It is getting there @grazer ! Thank you for putting such hard work for us!

Hey, something about the HTML5 @grazer , I see that the fonts for the alerts are different, which I do not prefer as much. Do you think you could make it like the original?

Mine too @“Johnny boy” . I preferred the pixeled writing.



  1. Open editor button is missing in html5:

  2. The behavior editor is zoomed in like this and there’s no way to exit it:

  3. I honestly prefer the old design. I’m really sad with this one, but I think I’ll have to deal with it.

  4. The settings panel for behaviors always opens in the wrong place, sometimes it even goes out of the screen. Same thing happens with the color picker.

I’m using Firefox (latest version)

How do you get on that new version? @Latif

nvm got it

Screenshot (3)

So little problem with the update

Thanks for trying it out :slight_smile:

@Latif - The edit button should be there, maybe clearing your cache would make it show up? Also, which parts of the updated design are bugging you?

The positioning / scaling issues are weird, it appears that maybe the resolution calculations are wrong for your monitor. I’ll try testing on some different screens to see if I can reproduce it.

I like the old pixel fonts too, but they are really small (and cannot be resized like a normal font). I got lots of complaints about them being hard to read, so I’m trying out this new one out. It does seem to be much easier to read in comparison.

For alerts, I’d like to maybe just move to the same font system as Label blocks, so you can select the one you want.

Thanks again for all the feedback.

I’ll try clearing my cache when I get home.

The most annoying thing with the new design is how bright a button gets if you hover on it.

My screen resolution is 1920x1080px.

Hey @Latif - thanks for the additional info. I think it’s the detection for HD/Retina screens that is misbehaving, I was able to repro the scaling problem here last night.

I went through a few different highlight color options, and that’s one of the more contrasting colors I tried for sure. One thing that the previous interface does wrong is that there are lots of clickable elements that aren’t obviously clickable. This led to people overlooking features that should have been obvious.

FWIW, the new color scheme is essentially based on Nord: (but some of the colors are modified)

One side effect of the update is that the colors scheme is now super easy to change, so I may make an option in the UI if it’s something that you guys are interested in. I need to get a few more bugs ironed out first though.

Hey @grazer ,

So, I went into the sprite editor to look at how it looked, which one thing majorly changed (for me):

The whole thing was zoomed in so much I could barely do anything. I had to refresh the page to get back onto it, and I could not use many of the tools, and could only see the top right of the current sprite. I do not know if you have already fixed this or not, but I found it as a problem.

Also, I like most of the look of the HTML5 editor, but I found it to be very laggy (again, for me). However. when clicking upon an object to reveal the button to show the sprite editor, I found it to look much more pleasant, and I can’t wait to start working with it more!

One more thing, I think it is a great idea so that you can choose the font of the alerts! While speaking of alerts, could you also consider adding a way so that there could be two or more buttons to the alerts, with each of the resulting to a different outcome possibility? I would really like that. Thank you for reading, and please consider!

  • rcreger

P.S., I just saw this, due to the change of the font, some of the text in my alerts no longer fit into the alert boxes. So, yeah, please add the change font size feature for the alerts. Thanks again!

@Latif @rcreger & @Dolu - I think I have the zoomed in behavior/sprite window issue sorted out, as well as the weird text positioning in Chrome. There are still some scaling issues with certain resolutions though, I think, so let me know anyone sees any more scaling problems.