Remove Wall jumping?

When using the default run & jump behavior pack, if you jump next to a wall and hold right, you will stay in the air on the wall. I’ve been messing with the pack to try and fix it, but I’m not smart enough. Any help?

Wall blocks without friction maybe?

Didn’t work. Hmm…

Hey @“Biscuit Butter” - change your player collider to use a “capsule” shape. Capsules have no friction on the top or sides.

This is a better solution, but it also makes another problem. If you hold right next to a wall in the air then jump, you can jump in the air again. I’ll use this method for now.

This sounds like the issue is that the jump switch is getting turned on by contacting the wall. You can fix this by removing the switch, and instead of checking for a collision, use a RayCast check to see if the player is touching the ground before jumping.

I’m going to change the built in Run & Jump bundle to use this method, the RayCast check is relatively new.

It works! Thanks for the help

@Biscuit Butter one way to do this is to give everything 0 friction, but then use a toggle switch so the player has 0 x velocity during no keyboard activity. Just a thought, know grazer already helped you out.


I’m so confused, can you repeat the steps in detail?

Don’t revive topics please

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