Repeat Count to be inputable for Timer / Repeat behavior?

I have a ton of suggestions for Flowlab but these are two related ones I’m going to throw into the fray for now.

This came up when working on a spawner that periodically uses a value from spawned objects to spawn a certain amount of objects based on how many there are (e.g. the limit is 20 objects, if 13 are destroyed, 7 are spawned). The option for how many times a timer repeats itself to be inputted by other behaviors would be useful. (There is a workaround with using Filters and Timers, but it is very time consuming to set up given the size.)

Related to this is a Repeat behavior (admittedly, the idea is from a another game editor program, Scratch) similar to Timer that repeats a sequence / chain of behaviors a certain number of times when the sequence is complete. (Trigger would be Start, and adjustable Repeat Count)

This is a good idea, definitely.

It’s not clear to me how a “repeater” would be any different than a timer with an input for repeat count. It seems like setting the timer delay to 0 and then setting the repeat count would be the same thing.

If I’m missing something let me know, though.