Repeater Block with Delay

Love the Repeater block, just sometimes it seems to be too fast for its own good …
Especially if I have to run the output through equation blocks, or similar, before I use it.

So I was thinking (pokes @grazer), wouldn’t it be cool if it had a delay option in there?

Kinda like this …
I know, I know, can be done by creating your own count bundle etc, just thought it might come in handy.
If you can see this as being useful, please comment.


P.S. I just realize, in that case it might also need another input to update the delay?

You could use a timer with 0 delay, and X amount of times to repeat. :wink:
La mme La mme

The timer Node is perfect for this

Yep, I’m aware of that. Using it myself like this:

Only difference to the Repeat block … I can’t set the timer count externally. At least not by default and without adding more blocks to keep track of it myself :neutral: