Repeating Emit problems

So in the first few levels of my game one of the enemies (BOrc) is Emitting multiple times instead of once, it’s causing every level that it happens in to be overrun. Can someone look through the code and see if anything wrong.
The problems will either be in the spawner or the operator’s from what I know.

-Thanks in advance


I can’t find the code in the Borc where it emits… there is no emit behavior?

Yeah, It’s either in the (Operator) object for that level, or the (Spawner) Object. These two objects are what run the spawning. The actual BOrc has nothing to do with the problem.

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I can’t understand anything because you have so many messages and timers, it could be any of those. I also can’t help you if each level is named relatively the same-

Sorry :confused:

Makes sense, I tried to make less timers and messages, but it ruined the level. This is just some weird glitch I assume.

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The message to spawn Borc is set to “any object”, while the other messages are set to a specific spawner. This is in all the levels.

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