Request: Library categories

Hello again,


A way to sort the objects in the editor library. It would be extremely useful for indies and any developer who has a large editor library.


I’ve been having problems trying to find a single objects in a mass of 70+ others. One day I’d make a new object of two and then go to bed. The next day I’d plan to make the object into something, so I go looking for it. It might be a skill issue, but I think many would agree that it’d be useful.

Anyway, that’s all.


  • you should be able to search the name of the type when ever there is a need to select object or type.
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Oh, thanks for the information, which I didn’t know.

Folders for the object library would be a great addition, but for this case it just sounds like Search bar needs to be used


I would die for folders, it is direly needed. I hate having everything just strewn about.


Yes, I have a sixty-objects library and it’s already out of control.

But then you wouldn’t be able to use them.

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Its for the greater good lol


I think its sorted Alphabetically, but we still need folders.