Requesting feedback on player sprite?

I don’t have much experience in pixel art, and I’d really love some constructive criticism on this (sorry if it’s not that good).

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 7.27.49 PM

I was going for an exterminator guy, I’m not sure if I really hit the target though.


im not that experienced with pixel art so that looks amazing to me
at first i thought his head was an egg though… maybe fix that??

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It looks pretty good, you should add more wrinkles and texture to the shirt as well as add something to separate the arms from the body.


In terms of a minimalist pixel art, it looks pretty nice! I like the colors. I’d suggest you play around with the shading more (USE REFERENCES, PEOPLE) to get the volume. right now it looks a little flat.
depending on what direction you’re going in, maybe a different pose would help you out? like right now it’s just facing directly at the 4th wall with the feet pointing to the right, but you might want to have the pose be 3/4 view.
regarding the head, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be so I can’t help you there, sorry

remember to use references! look up images of what you want it to look like and use it to give you an idea for how to draw what you want to draw!

hope this helps (:


Thank you for the advice, I probably should’ve used a reference (my bad). Also, the head was supposed to be an exterminator’s helmet, but I guess I should’ve added a respirator to make it clearer (my bad again). But once again, thank you for the advice :]