Resize hitbox?

How about something where you can change the size of the hitbox

Fell free to add your own

how to do this?


@“JR 01”

You can use the size Behavior to change the size of the hitbox.

But if you’re asking for custom hitboxes, I have an example for that;

i still dont get it can you help me plz

@caelaeb34 if you are stuck on something, make a new post to explain the problem and we will try to help you with it.

well i dont get how making this red orb will make a new hitbox could you explain the steps plz

for some reason when i put the hitbox shape to anything other than circle when i just my character just goes flying

Send me a link to the game and I might be able to help

so when you take the charcter and put his hitbox to like lets say rectangle just see what it does Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

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Ok. Well, with a circle hitbox it would make the weight of the character bigger, so try changing the density or the strength of the impulse