Retro Game movement?

I am starting to make a new game and i want the player to move in every direction with no jump.
I’m obviously not explaining this very well so here is a gif of what i mean:
Thats how i want the players and NPCs to move.

(RPG Game And Extras Section)

have image examples

thanks u

@PixelPizza I tried it but it doesnt work? Im like 90 percent sure i did it right, but idk. SO heres the link and if u could look at it and see if anythings wrong that would be great! (Dont question the sprite for the player, i just made it in like a minute just to see if it works)

I think your controls are fine, but the switches are turned off so he doesn’t move. Just turn them on (click on them and select “on”) and he moves OK.

thanks it works now