Returning bugs?

whenever I add something new to a level, there’s always a glitch that, whenever I refresh the page some of them are in different places or deleted ones are returning.

Also whenever I make an animation, I have to refresh the page before it works because it turns into a white box instead.

Pls fix :confused:

That white box bug with animations is a very known one. An old bug.

Really? I haven’t been on the original site for a while, until about a week ago. Oh well… :frowning:

Luminous, is this for newly created games? Can you send me a link to a game where the objects are either misplaced or returning? I haven’t seen this issue.

Well, I’ve started on it recently, but it was “produced” quite a while ago, before I started Survival Nightmare. I manage to fix it every time, but it gets confusing sometimes
Maybe it’s because there are so many objects in one level…

Ok, I was just making sure that it hadn’t been created using a very old version of the editor (it wasn’t - it looks like it was created on 8/15/16, which is plenty new - so that’s not the problem). If you find any more clues on how to reproduce the issue, let me know. If I can reproduce the problem myself, then I can fix it much more easily.

The white box animation bug I thought was fixed, I’ll look into that.

In the same game, the turret’s behaviors were all erased. I have no idea how…

hold on… it says @grazer you commented but it says “comment not found”

Never mind. I recreated it, here’s hoping that it doesn’t happen again (lol)